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I have been working as a well-known coach in Sweden for almost 20 years. But after have gone through some hard times in my life I felt I wanted something more. I wanted and needed a lifestyle change and my biggest wish was to reach out to help more people change their life. I have now made a huge decision:

To take my business online, to reach an international market
and creating the lifestyle I always have dreamt of.
To make this happen, I have to build up my company from scratch since I have no international or online customers, I have no email list and even if I´m a little bit of a computer geek, I have no experience of taking my business online.

Do you want to join me on my journey?
Follow me, when:

I build up my company from scratch
Creating an email list
Finding the best and most knowledge entrepreneurs online
Learning marketing tactics
Getting clear of what steps I need to take
Realize what obstacles that stands in my way
What people and techniques that I should avoid
Coming up with a plan that makes me achieve my goals
The mental and physical thoughts that appear for me
Creating my first international online course
Writing my first English ebook
Follow me on my journey for FREE
Are you ready to take the next step? Do you also dream of make a difference for people? Maybe taking the step and start your own business? Finding your dream job? Creating the lifestyle that you always have wanted? Want to know how to do it and what steps that is necessary? Are you overwhelmed with all information that you find online? Do you get stuck and don´t know what to do or what steps to take? Have you started this but you stopped everything just run out in the sand?

I Truly Feel That You Can Achieve Anything You Are Passionate About!
First of all its´free, so what do you have to lose?
I really want you to feel that you get something out of this, every step of the way!
You want to start and grow (as a person, create a new life or lifestyle, start your own business for example)
You’re motivated
You want a change
You want some guidance to do it right the first time or getting it right this time
You want the benefit from the experience of a coach that doesn´t only have the knowledge, but is walking in your shoes too!
Do you say YES to this? Then this is definitely FOR YOU!!
My journey will start the 14th of august and I will keep you updated first and foremost by email a couple of times per week but also with blogposts, also a couple of times per week.

Ready? Then fill in this form below and join me on this adventure!
I can´t wait to get to know you and share my discoveries with you!

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