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The Most Beautiful Place That I’ve Ever Traveled

We have been traveling around the world being spent for three years. It was funnily enough that was length of time included personal a camera and natural attraction to landscape image. We could remember at sunrise and we were befuddled by a sense of realization. We might stare back towards the antique city associated with Urubamba River bending around the valley below; grinning from ear to ear. The Canadian Rockies could be the most visually remarkable regions in all of North America, we were noticed. We would not accept as true that it brought us so long to create it there and practice the region’s natural beauty. Indeed, via spending a whirlwind 12 days related exploring such lakes in Banff, the awareness blowing picturesque Ice-field Parkway headline to Jasper, and soaring into the inaccessible and fractious bear inhabited lands of Assiniboine Provincial Park in British Columbia, it was ever more difficult to leave.
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The grizzly bear threat makes it all worth while

watched the low cloud dance across the mountains

Where there are glaciers, there are waterfalls

The best time to experience the changing colors in the foliage

A lot of the photography here, I call car park shooting. It’s not too far from the car to scenes like this.

It’s easy to get lost in time while admiring the view

I’ve never seen perfect reflections as those at Moraine Lake

Seeing the scale of the area by air is an added bonus